TimberPak Studios offer a wide range of designs to suit your lifestyle. No Council Approval is required in NSW, but needs to be 900mm from the fence , less than 20m2 and under 3m in height and a Non-Habitable structure. There is extensive information under Subdivision 9 of the legislation. We recommend that you read the legislation at the following link to ensure that you understand your rights https://www.legislation.nsw.gov.au/#/view/EPI/2008/572/part2

We have a range of off the shelf designs available in skillion roof and pitched gable roofs, or you can design your own.

We have both timber and aluminium door and windows frames available, so we can achieve the look that compliments your existing building.

The TimberPak Studio system enables you to get the extra space you want, DIY over a couple of weekends or, we can build it for you; no fuss no worries.

Call us today and tell us your extra space dreams, together we can make them an affordable reality.